Stand up for something! With no vision, people perish.

This new blog is born following a recent reflection on the farm’s 15 years of existence. Over the years, we, the Lovrenovic family, have had the privilege of sharing our passion and knowledge of bee products with thousands. We noticed firsthand the positive impacts our products had. We are committed to continuing growing our business and are very thrilled with what’s in store for 2020. This year will welcome numerous new products, a new image, a greater presence in local food stores and a new online store.

During January, a new business plan was written. During its writing, we were forced to ask ourselves the questions of what we stand for and where are we going. Finding the answer to these questions required us to identify our core values.

At Bee Api, we place great importance on meaning. We strongly believe that our products stand for something greater than simply food. As John Wooden once said ‘It is not what you do, but how you do it’. We identified 4 core values that we placed behind the  production, packaging and selling of every product. 


At Bee Api, we define our 4 core values in the following ways.

  • Integrity: Active practice of being honest and adhering to strong morals and ideals.
  • Wellness: Active process of making choices towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.
  • Community: Feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, values and goals.
  • Sustainable practices: Practices that sustain economic and social growth while protecting our ecology and environment for present and future generations.

From now on, every action we take will be guided by our core values. They are never to be compromised. Defining our core values led to rewriting our company’s mission statement into something more captivating and more in congruence with what we stand for. 

            At Bee Api, we intend to only offer high quality natural products. Products that participate in optimizing health in our customers. The company will only adopt farming techniques that ensure the well-being of our bees and our customers and that protect the environment. We plan to rally our customers behind our products and engage them into an open public forum. Now that the set of the sail has been set, we encourage you to join us on this ride.

Please leave a comment on this post. Leave a comment on how you view our core values. Stay tune for the next post in which the many health benefits of honey will be uncovered. Next post will also detail the different ways honey can be used to optimize your health and well-being.  


  • Bonjour! We have been purchasing your honey products since moving to Val-des-Monts four years ago. We are amazed by the flavour of the honey and have never tasted honey that this good! You truly live the values you have identified above. We have always felt welcomed and we are proud to have you in the local community. Thank you for all that you do to help the environment, promote the health of bees and share with us the wellness support that you do! Gros merci!!

    Deborah Lecompte-Webb
  • Bonjour!

    Notre famille est cliente depuis une bonne dizaine d’année et nous comptons bien le rester pour de longues années encore.

    Nous vous remercions pour la qualité de vos produits, mais surtout d’avoir pris le temps de discuter avec nous et d’avoir fait notre “éducation mellifère”. Nous en avons appris tant sur les vertus du miel, du propolis, de la gelée royale, des chandelles de cire d’abeille, et j’en passe. Nous avons cuisiné avec vos produits, mais nous avons aussi fait nos propres produits de soins personnels (baume, déo) ainsi que des beewraps.

    Merci et longue vie!

    Marie-Aude Plante

    Marie-Aude Plante

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