Propolis tincture drops

Propolis tincture drops

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Propolis is a resinous gum produced by bees. Propolis is a mixture of bees saliva, beeswax and tree sap. In total, there are 300 compounds in propolis with the majority being polyphenols. This product is used by bees to seal their beehive, fight diseases and prevent parasites. Numerous ancient civilizations used propolis for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The most famous historical account is of Egyptians using propolis in the mummification process.

A propolis tincture is prepared by infusing pure propolis into clear alcohol. At Bee Api, our propolis tincture is made using 70% clear alcohol. The end solution is placed into a 30ml glass dropper for easy application.

The health benefits of propolis tincture are wounds and burns healing, cold sores treatment, gastrointestinal disorders treatment, cavities control and genital herpes treatment.

Recommend dosage for propolis tincture depends entirely on the type of application: external versus internal. Here is a list of most common uses for propolis drops and their respective dosages.

  • External wounds ; apply few drops, twice per day until healed.
  • Stomach ulcer / enteritis : 20 drops in 10ml milk daily
  • Internal infectious disease: 15 drops per day
  • Kidney and liver conditions: 20 drops in 100ml warm water
  • Stomach pain: 25 drops in 100ml water
  • Tooth ache: apply on painful gums or carious tooth
  • Weak immune system: 30-40 drops per day

 Propolis tincture is self-preserving. Keep in closed kitchen or bathroom cabinet at room temperature. Do not place in refrigerator.